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  • Research (duration approx. 30 hours)
  • Research report printed and bound
    • Introduction
    • Meaning of the name (if possible)
    • geographical spread
    • pedigree Ancestors list with excerpts from the church books
    • name list
    • location list
    • dictionary Transfer of the old manuscript texts from the church books

Price: € 399


I require the following information about the person from whom the research is to be conducted.

  • First and Last Name
  • Date of birth
  • place of birth
  • possibly parish
  • First and last name of the parents
  • possibly authorization (see right column)

For a successfull research, the date of birth of the subject should be before 1918. If it is between 1918 and 1939, a copy of a birth and baptismal certificate or a marriage certificate (marriage certificate) is sufficient.

If the date of birth of the subject is between 1918 and 1939 and documents are not available, research must be carried out at the registry office prior to the research that is included in the package. This is done either by the customer himself or by a representative. For the latter a power of attorney is necessary (see right column) as well as the copy of his birth certificate.

Attention: Representation by me is available only in front of the Austrian registry office.


The power of attorney is necessary if:

  • a date of life of an ancestor is unknown,
  • this is within the statutory blocking periods (100 years for births, 75 years for marriages, 30 years for deaths),
  • You do not want to apply for the documents at the registry office yourself.

See pricing below!

Attention: per certificate the registry office charges € 9,30

Download Power of Attornay



Extension of the content of the research report by:

  • selected documents
  • selected photos

Photos and documents are provided by the customer, either:

  • in digital form as jpg (max 1 MB, the resolution should be 300 dpi)
  • as a color copy

In the order form there is the possibility to upload the files; Please send colored copies by post or bring them to a personal meeting. In a personal meeting, digital material can also be larger than 1 MB (please bring on USB stick)


There are four order options:

  • At a personal meeting (only in Vienna)
  • by e-mail (
  • via order form
  • by letter

The order form consists of four steps:

  • Step 1: Customer information
  • Step 2: Information on the subject (starting person)
  • Step 3: Choosing the outward appearance of the research report
  • Step 4: Selection of additional packages, possible uploads of files, terms and conditions

As soon as the information has been checked so that the research can basically be carried out, you will receive an e-mail. Included are among others. the information from the order form as well as a reference to the probable date of commencement of the research.

The research itself takes about a week, pressure and bonding about two days.

If you wish (see order form step 4), I will inform you about the progress of the research (beginning of the report and the order of the book at printing / bookbinding, ready to handover / shipping).


Research on my part is currently only possible in Austria (except Burgenland) and in the Czech Republic.


The price consists of:

  • the package price: € 399
  • If information is to be obtained from the civil registry office on behalf of the client, fees of € 9.30 per certificate issued plus a replacement fee of € 70 per visit with an application (including pick-up).
  • There are no packaging and shipping fees.

Example 1: You need a birth, marriage and death certificate from your father and mother. That would be five documents each € 9.30 + one visit (€ 70) with a total of € 116.50.

If you submit the applications yourself, minimum fees of € 46.50 will apply. These increase if the application is made online or by letter or the documents are sent.

Example 2: You also need the documents of the paternal and maternal grandparents. That would be a second visit (€ 70) +10 documents per € 9.30 (four birth, two marriage, and four dying) with a total of € 163. combined with example 1 this would be € 279.50.

If you submit the applications yourself, minimum fees of € 93 will apply. These also increase if the application is made online or by letter or the documents are sent.

Note: VAT exempt – small business acc. § 6 par. 1 Z 27 UStG


Transfer to the bank account

bank details: Erste Bank

account owner: Mag. Christian Tobolka

IBAN: AT10 2011 1280 6117 1500